We stopped producing  ornamentals after 2011. 

The current political and economic environment gives no indication the federal government will even begin coming to grips with its excessive spending and unsustainable deficits which have prevailed (especially) since 2009. There is the additional factor that ongoing government interference in business, soaring medical insurance premiums, economic stagnation, and rising prices for basics like food and electricity forced too many of our customers to curtail spending for non-essentials in general, including flowers. We miss our customers from those good years.

We also stopped producing  vegetables after 2016. 

The most pressing problem was the lack of labor, especially for harvest. We refuse to hire illegals, and the only others interested in working at all insisted on being paid cash under the table so they could remain on their government cash benefits.

On top of that, our primary buyer, Whole Foods, has been having problems nationwide (discretionary income again) and is not only closing its flagship store in the area, but has essentially abandoned the purchase of local produce altogether, preferring instead a centralized distribution system for highly standardized produce. We see no benefit to participating in such a system, but do continue to grow some cucumbers for August and September sale at Checkers in Lawrence. The rest of the farm is now growing alfalfa, or will be within a year. It grows well and builds the soil.


Thanks for thinking of us.

You can reach us at :         Bart{at}PrairieStarFarm{dot}com

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