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Prairie Star Farm is the home, dream, and work of Bart and Margit Hall. We farm on the West Bottom of the Kansas River, near De Soto, sharing that journey with our 6-year-old daughter Roosmarijn. Sadly, we are the only family on the entire bottoms that owns our land, lives on the land, and farms that land. Two generations ago there were about 40 families out here doing that. Several people own the land they farm, but they live someplace else, and to their credit it is usually some other "home place." They understood this land for the treasure it is, and they captured a piece when they had the chance. They are respected colleagues in a difficult line of work, but the community that once was here was largely washed away in the flood of 1951, never to return. We hope (eventually) to use this web site as a testimony to their life, labor, and love. As for us, we are from "away." Margit is an environmental botanist from the upper Midwest. She was born in Chicago of two European parents more or less right off the boat. Her father, a Hungarian pathologist, fled the Russians after the 1956 revolution and his story is as remarkable as it is inspiring. Her mother, a Dutch nurse, had come to the States on a lark, but met a man of her dreams and never returned. She recently retired after 52 years of nursing. Bart, by all means, should not be here at all. Twice during World War II his father was the sole survivor of the sinking of his destroyers. Born and raised on the Atlantic coast, one side of his family has been in produce since 1843 and the other side began their oyster business in 1870. Trained as a geo-chemist and an agronomist he has always preferred to use his mind through his hands. We came to Kansas in 1998 when suddenly at loose ends we were inspired by the account of Abraham in Genesis chapter 12 and moved to "a land [we did] not know." Searching patiently for bottom-land ground on which to produce vegetables, we stumbled across this land we now call home.