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Drought   (Bart)

In Kansas we're never more than three weeks away from a flood or a drought. From mid-April through mid-July it was much closer to the former. Now the latter, with no relief in sight before mid-month at the earliest. Not only is there no rain, but temperatures are consistently in the low- to mid-90s, meaning these sandy soils require something close to 2 inches of rain per week, just to hold even. We almost never get that much, but usually there's an inch or so per week to slow down the drought effect long enough to get by until somewhat cooler weather. Not this year. And in the midst of it all we've been attempting to transplant our autumn crops of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale. Trying to save those little seedlings, I've been out in the field every other day, carrying water by hand to each little one. Many have not made it. We're now at the point of having to make significant shifts in our seeding and transplanting schedules. In this weather, seeds near the surface will be killed by 150 degree soil temperatures. Seedlings fare little better. Yet, should we delay too much, the decreasing day length of autumn will preclude maturity for the crop.  So here we sit, caught between drought and shortening days. I wish people who ate food would understand how hard it can be sometimes.

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