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Rotten Potatoes (Bart) Drought or not, I could delay no longer and had to plant our potatoes today. Fortunately there is still some decent moisture about 4 inches down -- these very fine sandy loams create something of a dust mulch that breaks capillarity and prevents too much from evaporating upwards -- and the potatoes will have to make do with what there is. I know from experience that 10 August is the latest we can plant potatoes and still expect a crop of any significance. We haven't had more than a couple of tenths of inches of rain in about a month, and we've now lost our early pepper crop. The plants have sacrificed their peppers in order to stay alive themselves. When it cools off and begins to rain they'll eventually crank it out, but for now they're sacrificing their future to stay alive. We understand that all as part of God's remarkable design of the world. Even if you call it "evolution" (which I do not disrespect) it is nevertheless rather remarkable. Because we are a certified organic farm we're required to purchase organic seed stock when available. When unavailable we can substitute untreated conventional seed stock. For something like a cabbage I think it a bit silly, but those are the rules, so we follow them. Every one of our potato varieties, save one, was organic. They were harvested last September and we bought them in March. All were in pretty decent shape. Nearly five months later, however, the conventional potatoes have collapsed into puddles of stinking ooze.  Amongst the organic potatoes, although several individuals were in some serious trouble, the vast majority was in pretty good shape. Here's the deal. Conventional production uses lots of nitrogen because it gooses apparent yields. Much of that harvested weight, however, is W-A-T-E-R. That doesn't last in storage. Organic produce will yield somewhat  less at harvest, but in terms of usable yield after six or more months of storage there's no comparison. Organic wins every time. The non-organic potatoes today were a cogent example of that phenomenon -- one for which it took me two showers to remove the aroma.

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