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Monday, November 1st, 2010

November Salad (Bart)

The calender turns, yet the land produces. Finally after months of horribly difficult weather we have had a good October and the crops have responded. Tonight our supper was a huge bowl of spinach salad, most of it picked less than an hour before we ate it. Last Saturday there was a killing frost, but ahead of that I picked the last of the cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. Add to that a thinly sliced leek, some hard-cooked eggs, a bit of turkey bacon  ... and I guarantee you, royalty does not eat better. We could have included any one of six different tender lettuces, radishes, or arugula, along with all manner of kale, broccoli or other plants. Still, there is little that beats totally fresh spinach, picked, washed and eaten, all within an hour. As difficult as this year has been, there are still profoundly quiet joys such as this evening's salads.  In the end, it's really what it's all about, and we cherish the chance to share that with the people who choose to purchase what we have grown. Thank you.