She’s back!! Welcome to your new home….

As Bart was finishing up turnip harvest I was  driving back from the post office, across the west bottoms yesterday AM and saw the same incredibly large female Bald Eagle I'd seen round these parts late last winter (early 2010)  as a 3- 4 yr immature - checking out the local bachelor. This time she was in full feather (white head and white tail) feeding on some chunk of meat in the field ~ maybe 100 ft north of 79th St (west of the massive Oak). She is strikingly beautiful...much, much larger than the other female of the pair just north of our farm (who we've named 'Kiowa'(f) and 'Konza'(m), respectively). I stopped a few moments to observe her feeding, and looked for the male (not in sight). Great news is that they have most definitely started building a permanent nest (east of his original practice nest)! So it is likely he could've been working on the 'house' while she was feeding up ahead of their first breeding season. So very exciting!! It convinces me further, this newly formed pair were in their initial meeting/introduction phase when I observed some clear courtship behavior of these two in the field late last winter ...the male had his full white tail (mottled head), and was bobbing his head & tail up and down to show her his white tail feathers...while she was still mottled with initial white on her tail as well. They hung around in this valley together through March, with various sitings in trees and on the wing...flying together (pairing up). They must've had a great summer vacation in the Tetons!!! I sure hoped she would return as the mate for the young male we've observed these last few years. I look forward to seeing the male any full feather. We'll keep you posted. Thinking we'll call these two 'Quivira' (female) and 'Comanche' (male). May be a great time to observe some nest building in the next week or two if any of you can make it out. They are hanging out a couple miles east of our farm (east of Sunflower Rd and north of 79th street). Happy Winter birding!

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